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What Audio/Music Software Do You Use?

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Hey everyone. I thought I'd start the first topic in this forum to get an idea of how diverse our audio engineering and music compositionsoftware, tools, or plugins really are throughout the Star Citizen community.

I will update this as often as posts are added with hopefully a comprehensive list of software and tools us music composers and voice actors use for their creations. Later, maybe this list can be added to the wiki along with helpful tips and tricks to go along with them.

Music Production / Audio Sampling/Looping/Editing
Adobe Audition
Cakewalk Sonar X2 Producer Edition
FL Studio 10
MAGIX Music Maker
NCH WavePad Sound Editor
NCH MixPad Audio Mixer
Propellerhead Reason 5

Plugins (VST, Standalone, or other)
EWQL (East West Quantum Leap):
Ministry of Rock (1 and 2)
Stormdrum 2
Symphonic Choirs (w/ Wordbuilder)
Symphonic Orchestra (Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion)
Voices of Passion

Hardware (Microphones, Mixers, Beatboxes, etc)
Audio Technica (XLR Cardioid)
Rode Podcaster

... more to come.


  • I use Audacity for vocal recording, editing and exporting, when I don't have access to Adobe Audition. It's just as powerful, and free! We use both software at my work when we record voices. (Depending on which engineer is running the show.) I don't have any complaints.

    I would like to recommend that you include hardware to your listing, because microphones matter. For everyday communication, I use the mic on my webcam, but for vocal recording and our (limited) foley work, we use an XLR cardioid mic (can't remember the brand ATM. I'll look it up next time I'm near it) with a pop filter. The recordings are clear and crisp, and damn near perfect.
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    Good point. I'll get your software added to the list. Never tried Adobe Audition. In your opinion, does it have good built-in vocal filters/fx?

    Yeah, just let me know when you find out the brand of your XLR cardioid mic.
  • Audition's filters are amazing. We mostly use it for recording and cleanup, but sometimes we use it for effects too. It doesn't have the range of effects that Audacity has, but it's filters and restoration tools are second to none.
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    For the record: My microphone is an Audio Technica. (Don't have a model number. It's a XLR cardioid mic.) Other than requiring Phantom Power, (which requires a separate power box for our audio rig) it's amazing.
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    I have (not professional):
    NCH WavePad Sound Editor
    NCH MixPad Audio Mixer
    MAGIX Music Maker
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    I use Renoise for music production. Stemming from my involvement with the PC demoscene, trackers are right at home for me.

    Plugins are too numerous to list, though for the sake of mentioning something, I make extensive use of the VSTi Massive from Native Instruments.
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